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08/11/08 - new Artwork - Sharon McDonald

07/04/08 - new Artwork - Kendra Canmore


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03/26/09 - Discussions Ch 22

01/15/09 - Discussions Ch 21

11/27/08 - new Artwork - Rachael and Robert

11/27/08 - Discussions Ch 20

11/04/08 - Discussions Ch 19

10/17/08 - Discussions Ch 18

09/27/08 - Discussions Ch 17

09/06/08 - Discussions Ch 16

08/29/08 - Discussions Ch 15

08/11/08 - new Artwork - Sharon McDonald

08/10/08 - Discussions Ch 14



Welcome to Kudara's Stories. This web site currently contains works of Fan Fiction from Star Trek Voyager, Disney's Gargoyles, the games KOTOR and Morrowind.

All plots and original characters are my work, all other characters are the property of their respective original creators.

For update notifications please join my Yahoo Group, Kudara-Fiction.



My stories contain materials that may be restricted in your state/country based on the romantic and sexual pairings of same gender couples.  If this is illegal in your state/country you are responsible for complying with local laws.

These stories are aimed at adult readers. If you are underage please leave or visit my page at Fanfiction.net for (under 16) versions of my stories.



Author Awards:

2004 ASC Awards - 2nd Place Otter and Wolf Best New Author